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From North America to Israel – Veranda a success story

Veranda was founded in connection to a personal family saga. Over a decade ago, my husband and I moved to North America as emissaries with our two daughters. We left behind our beloved family and our properties, which we planned to rent out, and hoped to come back and find them in good condition. Unfamiliar as we were with property management services in Israel, we did what many Israelis do ג€“delegated to family and friends the tasks:ֲ  One had the key to show the apartment to potential tenants, another was given power of attorney to sign the rental contracts on our behalf, while another had the task of calling a plumber or electrician when necessary.
This was not a simple operation, and we felt a little uncomfortable towards our acquaintances. We were the interface, from the other side of the world, between all those helping us out, including our lawyer and the various authorities. What actually happened was that the tenants changed more frequently than we had anticipated, there were problems with rent payments, and the plan did not run smoothly. It goes without saying that we had no one to blame for this situation.

Our Experience in real estate investments

During our relocation we made a number of investments in North America that looked very promising at the time.ֲ  A few months before our return to Israel, we hired people to take care of our affairs in America:ֲ  an accountant, a broker and an attorney. We chose them carefully and dedicated lot of time and thought to it, yet this time too we failed to hire just one entity to handle everything. We were well acquainted with the professionals we hired, and were sure we were doing the right thing.
To make long story short – within a year and a half of our return to Israel, we sold all our investments in America. We have no doubt that had we hired a reliable property management service to take full responsibility for our properties, things would look very different today. What happened was that unprofessional management quickly turned our properties from a source of income and security into a liability that involved a lot of emotional strain.
Our unfortunate experience led us to establish in Israel a service that would provide a solution for those who find themselves in a situation similar to ours.ֲ  We are certain that our personal experience greatly contributes to the empathy we show our clients, and to our genuine and sincere understanding of their needs.
Veranda is now a well-established property management service, specializing in the management of residential properties in the center of Israel. We have a first-class team of experienced professionals. We understand that property management is a profession requiring the necessary expertise to provide the clients with a high level of service, comparable to Western countries. We have a long list of clients including people in the hi-tech industry, law firms, clients from overseas, and we come highly recommended.

What are we doing?

Veranda prepares properties for rent, advertizes them, finds and screens potential tenants, whose financial strength and background is checked, so as to ensure good securities. In this way, we minimize problems with rent collection and the need to evacuate tenants. We maintain the property throughout the entire rental period, and handle all the communication with tenants.ֲ ֲ
We provide high quality service both to property owners and to tenants, and ensure full compliance with the terms of the contract. In the case of apartment buildings, we ensure to maintain the public areas of the building: stairways, entrance, elevators, garden, and so forth. We also take care of insurance issues, matters involving authorities such as the municipality, the Electricity Company, rent collection, evacuation of problematic tenants, and we can also represent the owners at building maintenance meetings.ֲ  When necessary, we take care of major renovations and home improvement projects, and also the selling of the property.ֲ  We are meticulous in providing our clients with regular and reliable reports both verbally and in writing, backed up with all relevant documents.
Veranda employ licensed, reliable professionals at reasonable prices, thanks to our large volume of activity. We closely supervise all work carried out in properties, and always check the prices of our skilled workers and suppliers. This is to ensure the property owner high profitability.ֲ  Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of the real estate market, including market fluctuations, and whether rental fees reflect market prices, our clients enjoy maximum occupancy of their property coupled with high returns.

Who uses our services?

We manage the property of the following clients:
  • People with demanding careers, unable or do not wish to devote time to managing their properties
  • Property owners who lack managerial experience or do not have the necessary skills to deal with demanding tenants, rent collection, property maintenance and workers.
  • Joint property owners, often family members. In such cases professional property management can avoid endless disputes between owners, which leads to poor property maintenance, low occupancy and problems with rent collection.
  • Lawyers who deal in estate inheritance and are interested in handing over the management of the property to an outside service.
  • People who live overseas for some or most of the year round, or people who live long distances from their property.
  • Multiple property owners.

Why use Veranda services?

  • Skills  Our team at Veranda possesses excellent management skills. We are well versed in management know-how, particularly in property management, both in Israel and overseas, and our knowledge of the real estate market is extensive, giving us an edge in understanding the needs of our clients.
  • Responsibility  Our services are designed to give property owners maximum peace of mind, by treating their property as if they were our own.
  • Experience 
  1. We have proven experience in property management. We specialize in short and long-term management of residential apartments, holiday homes, apartment buildings, and divided apartments.ֲ  We also manage commercial property including its preparation from the shell level.
  2. We have experience with foreign residents and Israelis residing abroad.
  3. We have the expertise and know-how to manage major home improvement projects and fully understand the investment necessary for maximum profit.
  • Service – Our guiding principles are honesty, openness, reliability and discretion, good interaction with people, and courteous and caring service, both in Hebrew and English.
  • Yield and profits “ We manage our clients property with a broad business perspective. We aim for a constant high yield and exact and careful management of expenses, with the understanding that high expenditure does not necessarily guarantee high profits.
  • We share the interests of property owners  We guarantee excellent service, because clients’ satisfaction is important to us.ֲ  Our management fees are a percentage of the total monthly income from rental fees.
  • Widespread services  We operate in a wide area including Tel Aviv and the greater Tel-Aviv area, Modiג€™in to Jerusalem, and Haifa.
  • Proven success  Many of our clients would be more than happy to recommend our services.

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Our offices in Tel Aviv: Decker building 42 Hamasger st. 2nd floor, Tel Aviv Jerusalem, Modi’in, Hashfela & Sharon offices:
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