Management Services

Our services include:


  • Preparation of property for rent  Inspection of property before the outgoing tenants leave, and ensuring orderly departure of the property in accordance with the terms of the lease. To make the property attractive to new tenants, we carry out essential maintenancefacelifts or complete renovations, as needed.

  • Advertising Intensive advertizing of property on all leading real estate listings and by other means.

  • Quality tenants Finding and selecting potential tenants and reviewing their financial strength and background. Our extensive experience in finding quality tenants with good securities minimizes problems with rent collection and the need to evacuate tenants.

  • Lease  Negotiating the terms of the lease and carrying out all necessary communication for the rental of the property.

  • Handing over the apartment to new tenants  We do not hand over the property without written and photocopied documentation of the property, including meter readings and bills.ֲ 

  • Rent collection  We follow and handle any breach of lease as well as the evacuation of tenants when necessary.


  • We are available for inquiries from the tenants and the maintenance of the property during the entire rental period.

  • In the case of apartment buildings, we ensure to maintain the public areas of the building: stairways, the entrance, elevators, the garden, and so forth.

  • We provide cleaning services when needed.

  • When necessary, we take care of major renovations and home improvement projects.

Service to property owners

  • We are meticulous in providing our clients with regular and reliable reports (both verbally and in writing) supported with all relevant documentation, and in receiving the appropriate permits for carrying out any work on the property, all in accordance with the agreement.


We take care of the following:

  • Insurance issues

  • Producing financial statements

  • Issues involving the authorities  the municipality, the Electricity Company, etc

  • Representing property owners at building maintenance meetings

  • Selling the property, if necessary.

Service packages:

We customize our variety of services to the wishes and needs of each client. We offer the following packages:

  • Veranda Basic  Preparing the property for occupancy, finding and selecting tenants, negotiation and closure of the lease,ֲ  arranging guarantees, transferring bills in the name of the new tenants, handing property over to tenants with all relevant documentation including meter readings.

  • Veranda Premium  The basic package, including full maintenance of the property during the rental period, rent collection and breach of lease, insurance, building maintenance fees, lease renewals, evacuation of tenants and ensuring their orderly departure.

  • Veranda Holiday Apartments  The premium package, including advertising services, bookings, cleaning services and welcoming guests, available round the clock to guest inquiries.

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